Gel Blaster Surge XL Review: Unrivaled Fun and Excitement

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As an avid enthusiast of gel blasters, I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest models to add to my collection, and Gel Blaster Surge XL definitely caught my attention.

Here is what happened.

Picture this: a sun-soaked afternoon, the air thick with anticipation and laughter. My friends and I had gathered at the local park for an epic gel blaster battle, armed with our chosen weapons. Amongst the array of blasters, one caught my eye—the Gel Blaster Surge XL. Curiosity piqued; I grabbed hold of this beauty.

Its weight felt just right in my hands, balanced and sturdy. The design was impressive, resembling a futuristic firearm straight out of a sci-fi movie. My fingers eagerly wrapped around the ergonomic grip, and a surge of excitement coursed through me.

From the moment I held the Surge XL in my hands, I knew it was a beast and definitely stands out among other options I tried in my list of best gel blasters.

Well, let’s cut to the chase. Here is my complete review of its performance and specification, and how was my experience with it.


Gel Blaster Surge XL is a cutting-edge blaster that takes the excitement to a whole new level, packing an unprecedented punch. It fires water-based beads, known as “Gellets,” that burst upon impact, making each shot an explosive experience.

Surge XL

Surge XL Gel Blaster

  • Long-range blaster with a velocity of 250 FPS.
  • Features three distinctive modes.
  • A large size hopper can hold up to 1000 Gellets.
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When it comes to technical prowess, the Surge XL stands head and shoulders above the rest. With its adjustable velocity dial, this blaster allows you to fine-tune your blasting power, ranging from an impressive 170 feet per second to an astonishing 250 feet per second.

I absolutely loved this feature since it ensures that your shots hit the mark with remarkable precision. The Surge XL also offers three adjustable blasting modes: single, triple burst, and fully automatic.

The newly introduced triple burst mode is perfect for those seeking long-range accuracy, while the full auto mode unleashes a rapid-fire barrage of up to 12 Gellets per second.

In terms of convenience, the Surge XL features an intuitive heads-up battery display that keeps you informed about the battery level. When it’s time to recharge, the ultra-fast USB-C charging cable ensures you’re back in the game swiftly, minimizing downtime between epic battles.

Additionally, the included battle-ready kit provides essential accessories such as a removable stock, an XL hopper, a shoulder strap, safety glasses, and a pack of 10,000 pre-hydrated Gellets, ensuring you have everything you need to jump into the action right away.

Personal Experience

As an avid enthusiast of blaster battles, I couldn’t wait to put the Gel Blaster Surge XL through its paces. From the moment I held it in my hands, I could feel the craftsmanship and attention to detail.

When it came time to test its performance, the Surge XL truly exceeded my expectations. The adjustable velocity dial provided a wide range of shooting speeds, allowing me to adapt to different scenarios. Whether I needed to take precise long-range shots or lay down a barrage of rapid-fire Gellets, the blaster delivered with precision and power.

The burst mode, a new addition to Gel Blaster’s arsenal, quickly became one of my favorites. It allowed me to unleash three Gellets in rapid succession, providing a satisfying burst of power while maintaining accuracy. It was perfect for those moments when I needed to strike swiftly and catch opponents off guard.

While my experience with the Gel Blaster Surge XL was overwhelmingly positive, I did encounter one minor drawback. During longer battles or extended play sessions, the hopper capacity, although generous with its 1,000 Gellet capacity, could occasionally run low.

There were a few instances where I wished for a larger hopper to sustain the intensity without pausing for refills. However, this minor inconvenience did not detract significantly from the overall enjoyment and thrill of using the Surge XL.


  • Unparalleled power and shooting speeds, adjustable from 170 to 250 feet per second.
  • Three versatile blasting modes for various gameplay scenarios.
  • Extra-large hopper capacity, ensuring a sustained burst of Gellets during most encounters.
  • Quick and convenient charging with the ultra-fast USB-C charging cable.
  • The included battle-ready kit provides everything needed for an epic showdown.


  • The hopper capacity may be slightly limited for extended battles.


The Gel Blaster Surge XL is a game-changer in the world of blasters. With its exceptional power, adjustable shooting speeds, and versatile blasting modes, it offers an unrivaled experience for enthusiasts seeking thrilling battles.

While the hopper capacity could be improved for longer engagements, it does not overshadow the overall enjoyment and excitement this blaster provides.

So, gear up, charge your Surge XL, and prepare for pulse-pounding adventures like never before!