Best Splatter Ball Gun to Buy in 2024 (With Insane Power)

Best Splatter Ball Gun (With Insane Power)

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As someone who has always been a fan of outdoor activities, I have tried out a lot of different outdoor equipment and gear over the years. And personally, my favorite activity in the yard is playing with splat guns.

Over the years, I have used a lot of different splatter ball gun models, from basic starter pistol glocks to high-powered, professional-grade water bead machine guns.

I know from experience that finding the right splat gun can be challenging, especially if you’re coming from TikTok or are inspired by Instagram reels. That’s why I’ve decided to create this guide to help you find the best splatter ball gun to buy in 2023.

Powerful Splatter Ball Guns to Shop Today! (Including Cheap Options)

I am an avid splat ball blaster enthusiast and have honestly spent countless hours, researching and testing the best guns money can buy. After a thorough review of the top contenders on the market, here are the top 7 models I would suggest buying.

SplatRball SRB1200

Most Powerful Splatter Ball Gun

SplatRball SRB1200

Feature: Best high-power gun with up to 7 rounds/sec. Read More

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Best Nerf Splat Ball Gun

Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic

Feature: A full auto splat gun blaster with 10 rounds per second. Read More

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Best Budget Splatter Gun


Feature: Best high-range and easy to handle gun. Read More

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Harringback Electric Blaster

Most Realistic Splatter Ball Gun

Harringback Blaster

Feature: Most realistic splatter ball gun with dual storage for ammo. Read More

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Herisona Blaster

Top-Rated MG4 Splat Gun

Herisona Blaster

Feature: Top-rated MG4 splat gun with easy reloading. Read More

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Sockenear Gel Blaster

Best Automatic Splatterball Gun

Sockenear Blaster

Feature: Best automatic splatrball gun with a drum magazine. Read More

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JIFTOK Electric Blaster

Best Cheap Splat Gun (Update: I don’t recommend this anymore)

JIFTOK Electric Blaster

Feature: Strongest ball gun with superb power. Read More

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1. SplatRball SRB1200 – Most Powerful Splat Gun

SplatRball SRB1200
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If you’re looking for a cool splat ball gun to add to your collection, look no further than the SplatRball SRB1200. With its sleek design and powerful firing capabilities, this splatter gun is sure to impress.

Whether you’re a seasoned splat ball player or just starting out, the SRB1200 is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, reliable splat ball gun that delivers an intense, immersive experience.

Full Auto Fire Rate11 rounds per second
Magazine Capacity1,200 water gel balls
Ammo PropertiesNon-toxic, non-staining, rehydratable water gel balls that fragment on impact
Battery PerformanceRechargeable 7.4V 1800mAh battery provides up to 5000 shots per charge
Shooting SpeedUp to 210 feet per second

Personal Experience

I got my hands on the SplatRball SRB1200, and I have to say, it’s the best splatter ball gun I have ever used. The design is sleek and comfortable, with an ergonomic grip that feels great in my hand.

Also, the integrated blue LED light-up bar on both sides of the water ball blaster is a nice touch that adds to the overall coolness factor.

I took the gun to a backyard game with some friends, and we had a blast (literally). The gun is easy to use, and the full auto firing mode is incredibly satisfying. My most favorite about this gun was its large drum magazine that held plenty of ammo.

However, the SRB1200 is a bit on the heavy side, which might be a concern for younger or smaller players. But, for me, the weight wasn’t too cumbersome, and actually helped me steady my aim.


The SplatRball SRB1200 is an electric-powered splatter ball gun that features a full auto bead blaster with a firing rate of up to 11 rounds per second. It comes with a drum that offers a 1200 round magazine, meaning it can hold plenty of ammo, so you won’t have to worry about constant reloading.

SRB1200 is also one of the biggest rechargeable splat guns, with a battery life of up to 5000 shots per charge, allowing for hours of uninterrupted splatting fun.

Additionally, this splat gun features an integrated blue LED light up bar on both sides of the water ball blaster, adding to its cool factor and giving it a futuristic look. With its powerful firing rate and large capacity magazine, the SplatRball SRB1200 is a great choice for those looking for the most powerful and best splatter ball gun on the market.


  • The SplatRball SRB1200 is a great choice for both beginners and experienced players and can be used in a variety of different settings and scenarios.
  • SplatRball SRB1200 is very durable and built to last, with a strong and sturdy construction
  • The gun is designed to be easy to use and maintain, with simple and straightforward controls and an easy-to-clean exterior.


  • One downside of the SplatRball SRB1200 is that it may be too powerful for some users, and could potentially hurt if used improperly or at close range.
  • The gun is also relatively heavy, which could make it tiring to use for extended periods of time.

Here is the take of LordDraconical on this amazing SplatrBall Srb1200

(Video From Youtube: LordDraconical)

To read more about the performance of the gun you can see my SRB1200 review.

2. Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Blaster – Best Nerf Splat Gun

nerf gelfire splat gun
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Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Blaster is one of the coolest splatrball guns available, delivering high-performance blasting that will help you achieve your competitive advantage.

With its fully automatic and semi-automatic modes, removable rechargeable battery, and easy slide-in and slide-out feature, this blaster is surely my choice when it comes to extreme outdoor gaming with my kids.

AmmunitionHydrated rounds
Ammunition Quantity10,000 rounds
Firing ModesFull auto and semi auto
Rate of FireUp to 10 rounds per second
Magazine Capacity800 rounds
Additional FeaturesExtendable stock

Personal Experience

When I first held this Gelfire Mythic Splat Blaster, I could feel the power coursing through my veins. The sleek design and wicked color scheme were just the icing on the cake. I was like “Woah, this definitely lives up to its price!”

The accuracy and range of this water beads gun are off the charts. I felt like a true sharpshooter, taking down my targets with ease. Plus, the splat balls that come with it add a whole new level of intensity to the game.

Besides, I really love its extendable stock and removable barrel attachment, both of which allowed me to customize the gun to fit my preferences. The gun fired up to 10 rounds per second in both full auto and semi-auto mode, allowing me to achieve a maximum rate of fire and battle overload during outdoor games.

Honestly, using the Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Blaster was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in a minute. It brought out my inner kid, and I felt like a boss blasting away with this thing.


The gun includes a high-capacity 800-round quick-swap hopper that allows for continuous firing without reloading. It was one of the highest storage capacities I come across while testing various models of splatterball guns.

Another notable specification of the Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Blaster is its removable barrel attachment, which allows for customization and flexibility in battle. During my experience with the blaster, I found this feature to be extremely helpful in adjusting to different battle scenarios.

I was able to remove the barrel attachment to make the blaster more compact and easier to maneuver in close-range battles.

The included protective eyewear also provided added safety during gameplay, ensuring that my eyes were protected from any potential splatterball debris.

Plus, with its affordable price, it is one of the best splat guns for the power it provides and is definitely an option for both, kids and adults.


  • Firing modes include both full auto and semi-auto for added versatility.
  • High-capacity 800-round quick-swap hopper for extended playtime.
  • Removable rechargeable battery with easy slide-in, and slide-out features.
  • Fires up to 10 rounds per second, which is a really impressive rate of fire for a splat gun.


  • It may take some time to get used to the gun’s weight and balance.

Do see more about the performance and specification of this gun at Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Blaster Review.

3. SPLATRBALL SRB400 – Best Budget Gun

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SPLATRBALL SRB400 is the most powerful splat gun on the market, it is the choice splat ball gun for enthusiasts and newbies alike. With its semi/full auto action and 400-round magazines, it’s no wonder this cool splat ball gun is becoming the go-to for anyone looking for the strongest splatter ball gun that won’t break the bank.

Full Auto Fire Rate8 rounds per second
Magazine Capacity400 rounds
Ammo PropertiesWater gel beads that break on impact and disappear once dry without stain or cleanup
Battery PerformanceRechargeable 7.4V 1800mAh battery
Shooting SpeedUp to 200 feet per second

Personal Experience

One of the things that I really appreciated about the SPLATRBALL SRB400 was its ease of use. Unlike other splatrball guns that require manual pumping or priming, this cool gun is electric, which makes it incredibly easy to use. Simply turn it on, load the magazine, and start shooting!

The trigger is responsive and the gun feels comfortable in my hand, making it easy to shoot with accuracy. Another aspect of the SPLATRBALL SRB400 that I enjoyed was its durability. I’ve used it in multiple splat battles, and it’s held up exceptionally well.

The synthetic design and high-quality materials used to construct the gun make it strong enough to withstand even the most intense splat battles. Also, while using this spalt gun I haven’t experienced any jams or malfunctions, which is a testament to its overall quality and design.


The SPLATRBALL SRB400 boasts some impressive specifications that make it one of the best splat ball guns on the market. 

It’s constructed of a high-quality ABS and Nylon composite body, which provides a sleek, modern look while also ensuring durability. I also admire its powerful motor, and the semi/full auto action that delivers rapid-fire action that is both satisfying and effective.

However, one disadvantage of the SPLATRBALL SRB400 is that it only supports a single 400 round magazine. While this is certainly a generous capacity, it may not be sufficient for those who engage in particularly long or intense splat battles.

In comparison, some other models on the market support dual magazines with a 1400 round capacity, which may be a more desirable option for some users. However, it’s worth noting that the magazine of the SPLATRBALL SRB400 is easy to reload, so it’s not a significant issue for most users.


  • The SPLATRBALL SRB400’s auto action allows for flexibility in firing modes, making it easy to adapt to different splat battles.
  • With an auto fire rate of 8 rounds per second, this cool splat ball gun delivers fast and intense action that keeps you engaged in the game.
  • The high-quality ABS and Nylon composite body of the SPLATRBALL SRB400 is built to withstand intense splat battles.


  • The SPLATRBALL SRB400 is not the cheapest splat gun on the market, which may be a drawback for some consumers who are looking for a budget-friendly option.
  • Due to its durable design, the SPLATRBALL SRB400 is slightly heavier than other splatrball guns, which may make it less comfortable to hold for extended periods of time.
  • The SPLATRBALL SRB400 is louder than some other splat guns, which may be a drawback for players who prefer a more discreet or quiet experience.

To know more about its performance and specification you can also read the complete review of SPLATRBALL SRB400.

4. Harringback Dual Storage Blaster – The Most Realistic Splatter Ball Gun

Harringback Dual Storage Blaster
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If you are looking for a realistic splat ball gun in the market, look no further than Harringback Splatter Ball Gun. This powerful and efficient rifle splat ball gun is perfect for outdoor activities, parties, and games.

The best part? It is a fully automatic shooting gun, capable of shooting 10 times per second. Plus, it has dual bullet storage, which means it can hold up to 1400 splat balls in capacity.

Full Auto Fire RateUp to 600 bullets per minute
Magazine CapacityHolds 600 bullets in the bullet hopper and 800 in the storage box
Ammo PropertiesGel bullets are safe and eco-friendly
Battery PerformanceOptimized circuit and battery position for better protection and easier charging
Shooting SpeedCan shoot targets easily within 20 meters

Personal Experience

I used the Harringback Splatter Ball Gun during a weekend camping trip with my friends, and it was an absolute hit! The gun was easy to use, and it was so much fun to have a full-auto-firing splatter gun. We had a blast shooting each other with the splat balls, and the gun had great accuracy and range.

The dual bullet storage was also a huge plus, as we didn’t have to worry about running out of ammo during our games. I also loved that the gun had a long battery, which made it convenient to use without having to worry about constantly changing out batteries.

The only negative aspect of the Harringback Splatter Ball Gun is that it may be too powerful for some users. The gun has an incredibly fast firing rate, which can make it difficult to control for those who aren’t used to handling powerful splatrball guns.

However, this negative aspect can be easily overcome by taking some time to practice and get used to the gun’s features. Overall, for me, the Harringback Blaster is one of the best splat guns for outdoor fun and delivers an exciting experience.


The Harringback Splatter Ball Gun is a high-performance splat ball gun that offers some of the best features in the market. It is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, with an excellent structural design that provides comfort and precision while using it.

I also love that it is fully automated and can shoot up to 10 splat balls per second, providing a powerful and efficient performance. Also, it has a large storage capacity and its dual container makes sure you can have hours of fun with your friends.

Moreover, this splaterball gun is equipped with a realistic tactical bipod, which enhances your gaming experience by providing more stability and accuracy. The bipod feature makes it easier to aim and hit your targets, even when you are on the move.


  • The Harringback Dual Storage Blaster is durable and sturdy, ensuring that it can withstand even the toughest use.
  • The dual bullet storage is convenient and allows for hours of uninterrupted playtime.
  • The blaster is easy to use, even for beginners and comes with clear instructions to help you get started.


  • The blaster may be too heavy for some teens to hold for extended periods of time.

You can also see my in-depth review of Harringback Dual Storage Blaster.

5. Herisona Blaster – Best Top-Rated MG4 Splat Gun

Herisona Blaster
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If you are in the market for the most powerful splatter gun that offers power, precision, and flexibility, Herisona Blaster MG4 Splat Gun! With double firing modes and the ability to shoot up to 7 gel beads per second, this gun is sure to impress even the most discerning shooter.

Plus, with a range of over 70 feet and a tough ABS material construction, you can rest assured that the Herisona Blaster MG4 will stand up to even the most intense battles and challenges when playing with family or friends.

Full Auto Fire RateDouble firing modes: electric high-speed burst and manual
Magazine CapacityTwo magazines, including one that can hold 800-1000 rounds
Ammo PropertiesGel balls, break on impact, and disappear
Battery PerformanceManual mode can still work without electricity
Shooting Speed4-7 gel beads per second, with fps up to 170

Personal Experience

During a recent family picnic, I brought along the Herisona MG4 Splat Gun to liven up the outdoor activities. We set up a small shooting range with empty cans and plastic bottles as targets.

Right out of the box, the gun felt solid and well-constructed, with a weight that gave it a genuine sensation of power. I appreciated the option of two firing modes, which allowed me to switch up my style depending on the situation.

I also used the Splat Gun Blaster Toy MG4 in an open grassy area, and it performed excellently in terms of accuracy and range. It was a hit with both kids and adults and provided hours of entertainment.

Overall, the Herisona Blaster Toy MG4 provided hours of fun for me and my camping companions. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and easy-to-use toy gun.


The Herisona Gun Blaster is a high-quality toy gun designed for teenagers and adults. It is made of durable materials and features a sturdy build quality that ensures long-lasting use. Moreover, this splat r ball gun rifle is also easy to handle and provides a comfortable grip, allowing for smooth and accurate shooting.

Made from tough ABS material, it can withstand a lot of rough-and-tumble play and is built to last. Plus, the round drum and magazine make it easy to store a large amount of ammo, an ideal choice for teens and adults who want to be able to shoot for extended hours.


  • Shoots up to 4-7 gel beads per second at a fps up to 170.
  • Tough ABS material for durability.
  • Two modes of operation make it versatile and adaptable.
  • Round drum and round magazine provide a seamless and unstoppable shooting experience.


  • May be too powerful for some teenagers.
  • May require adult supervision to ensure safe and responsible use.

You can also see my full in-depth review of this gun at Herisona Blaster.

6. Sockenear Blaster – Best Automatic Splat Gun with Drum

Sockenear Blaster
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The Sockenear is a cool and unique design splat ball blaster that is perfect for outdoor shooting games. Made with ABS material, this blaster is durable and long-lasting. It comes with a gel bullets drum and 50,000 rounds of gel bullets, making it an ideal toy for anyone who loves shooting games.

Full Auto Fire Rate10-15 gel balls per second
Magazine CapacityHigh-capacity magazine, holds 1000+ gel balls
Ammo PropertiesGel bullets made of water, soft texture
Battery PerformancePowered by 7.4V rechargeable battery
Shooting SpeedRange of about 70 feet

Personal Experience

I tried out the Sockenear Ball Blaster during a recent outdoor shooting game, and I must say that I was impressed with its performance. The blaster fired accurately and quickly, allowing me to hit my targets with ease. Also, I love the satisfying impact that gel bullets provided when hitting my dummy targets, making the game even more enjoyable.

The drum that comes with the blaster was a great addition, as it allowed me to keep shooting without having to reload often and this made the game more seamless and fun. The blaster is also easy to use, with simple controls and easy-to-understand instructions.

However, one major downside of the Sockenear Splat Blaster is its limited range and accuracy.

The gel balls tend to stray off course and have a shorter shooting distance compared to other blasters on the market. Additionally, the battery life is also quite short and usually last less than two hours. These issues can make it difficult for players to effectively use the blaster in outdoor settings or during longer battles, limiting its overall usefulness.


The Splat Ball Gun Blaster features a durable and lightweight construction that is made from high-quality materials, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of regular use. It is equipped with a powerful motor that allows it to fire up to 10 rounds per second, with a range of about 70 feet.

The blaster also comes with a large capacity magazine that can hold up to 1000 rounds at a time, allowing you to keep firing without needing to constantly reload. What I liked the most about it was that it is very easy to use and had a comfortable grip, ensuring that you can hold and operate it for extended periods of time without any discomfort or fatigue.

The Sockenear Gel Ball Blaster also includes a rechargeable battery that can be easily charged using the included USB cable, ensuring that it is always ready to go when you need it.


  • High firing rate of up to 15 rounds per second.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor play.


  • May not be allowed in certain areas or events.
  • May be too noisy for some environments.

To read more about this gun you can go to my detailed Sockenear Gel Ball Blaster review.

7. JIFTOK Electric Blaster – Best Cheap Splat Gun

JIFTOK Electric Blaster
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If you are a serious splatter ball player looking for the best gun to dominate the field, look no further than the JIFTOK Electric Blaster. With its automatic and semi-automatic modes, you are sure to hit the peak of adrenaline rush during gameplay.

Whether you’re playing with friends, or family, or competing in tournaments, the JIFTOK splat gun is designed to give you an edge over your opponents.

It is easy to use, has an amazing shooting speed of up to 400-600 rounds per minute, and is capable of shooting accurately up to 80-100 feet away.

Full Auto Fire Rate400-600 rounds per minute
Magazine Capacity600 rounds
Ammo PropertiesGel balls that are non-toxic, non-staining, and can be rehydrated
Battery PerformanceRechargeable 7.4V 600mAh battery that can shoot 1500-2000 rounds per charge
Shooting SpeedStable, powerful shooting ability that can achieve continuous firing

Personal Experience

As an avid splatter ball enthusiast, I was excited to try out the JIFTOK Electric Blaster. Upon receiving the package, I was impressed with the sleek design and the feel of the gun. The gun is lightweight and easy to handle, making it comfortable to use for extended periods.

To test out the gun, I loaded it with splatter balls and headed to my local outdoor arena. I started with the semi-automatic mode and was impressed with the accuracy and speed of the shots. The gun fired smoothly and consistently, without any jams or misfires.

Next, I switched to the automatic mode and was blown away by the rapid-fire rate. The JIFTOK Electric Blaster fired at an amazing speed of 400-600 rounds per minute, allowing me to take out multiple targets in seconds. The gun’s stability was also impressive, and it maintained its accuracy even at long distances.

The battery life of the JIFTOK Electric Blaster is also worth mentioning. With up to 4 hours of charging, I was able to play multiple rounds without having to worry about recharging. The gun’s shooting range of up to 80-100 feet is also impressive and gave me an advantage over opponents with shorter-range guns.


The JIFTOK Electric Blaster is a high-speed automatic splatter ball blaster that is designed to provide ultimate performance on the field. It features semi-automatic and automatic modes that allow you to shoot up to 600 rounds per minute.

One of the standout features of the JIFTOK Electric Blaster is its shooting range, which can reach up to 80-100 feet, making it the best choice for long-range combat. 

The JIFTOK Electric Blaster is also designed with comfort in mind. It features a lightweight design that allows for easy maneuverability, and its ergonomic grip provides a comfortable and secure hold, even during extended play sessions. The blaster is also easy to reload, thanks to its removable magazine, which can hold up to 600 rounds.

However, what I found was that the JIFTOK Electric Blaster’s build quality may not be at par with other high-end splat guns available in the market. While it is made of durable materials, some users have reported that the blaster may feel a bit flimsy or fragile when compared to other models.


  • Easy to Use: The JIFTOK Electric Blaster is easy to use and can be operated by players of all skill levels. Its ergonomic grip and lightweight design make it easy to maneuver and aim accurately.
  • Long-range shooting up to 80-100 feet, means it is the best choice for outdoor splat games and challenges.
  • Versatile Shooting Modes: The blaster features both semi-automatic and automatic shooting modes, allowing you to adjust your playstyle and shoot at a faster pace if needed.


  • Build quality may not be at par with other high-end splat guns.

I have also done a complete review of this gun which you can read at Jiftok Splat Gel Blaster Review.

What to Look For in a Splat Gun When Buying?

When it comes to buying a splatter ball gun, there are certain considerations that you need to look for to make the right choice. Here is a list of them.

  • Power and Accuracy: A high power and good accuracy are essential in a splat gun. A powerful and accurate splatter ball gun is more likely to hit its target with greater force and accuracy, which is especially important in competitive games. Look for a splatyer gun with a high FPS (feet per second) rating and a well-designed barrel for improved accuracy.
  • Range: The range of the splat r ball gun is also an important factor to consider. It determines how far it can shoot, which can be critical in certain games. The longer the range, the more versatile and effective the splatter ball gun will be.
  • Durability: The material used to make a splatt ball gun is another key factor to consider. You want something that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use and won’t break easily. Look for a durable construction that is made from high-quality materials, such as sturdy plastic.
  • Usage: Ease of use is also important when selecting a splat gun. The gun should be comfortable to hold and use, with easy-to-use controls that allow you to switch between firing modes quickly and easily.
  • Capacity: The amount of splatt balls the gun can hold in its drum is another factor to consider. Look for a gun with a large capacity if you plan to play for extended periods of time, or if you want to avoid the hassle of frequently reloading your gun.
  • Design: Don’t forget to consider the design of the splatrball gun. A well-designed gun is not only aesthetically pleasing but can also be more comfortable to use and more effective in combat. Look for a design that is both practical and visually appealing, with a comfortable grip, lightweight construction, and customizable features.


The best splatter ball gun to buy in 2023 is the SplatRball SRB1200. Its superior accuracy, range, and versatility make it the perfect choice for any level of player.

Additionally, the gun has advanced features providing an advantage over competitors on the market. With its affordable price tag and durability, this gun is an excellent investment for anyone looking to join the world of splatter balling.

However, it is important to conduct thorough research and read reviews from other buyers before making a purchase to ensure that the chosen splatter ball gun meets one’s needs and expectations.

Whether for recreational use or competitive play, owning a reliable and high-performing splatter ball gun can provide hours of fun and entertainment.

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