Buy Best Soft Bullet Guns in 2024 (Realistic and Powerful)

Best Soft Bullet Gun Toys – Realistic and High Speeds

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Hey there, amigos! Welcome to my crib, where we talk about everything that goes “bang!” As a gun enthusiast and avid gamer, I know firsthand the importance of having a killer soft bullet gun.

And trust me when I say, I’ve tried them all! From the good, the bad, and the ugly, I’ve fired them all, and I’m here to give you the lowdown on the best soft bullet guns out there.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Soft bullet guns? What’s the point?”. But let me tell you, my friend, these babies pack a punch!

With their foam darts and smooth, accurate shooting, they’re perfect for indoor battles and outdoor skirmishes alike. And not to mention, they’re a great way to blow off steam and have some good old-fashioned fun.

So, if you’re in the market for a new soft bullet gun, look no further! I’m here to break down the top contenders and give you my opinion based on my experience. Trust me, I won’t steer you wrong.

So let’s talk guns!

Buy Soft Bullet Plastic Foam Toy Guns to Buy

Alright, let’s get down to business! After countless hours of testing and reviewing, I’ve narrowed down the best soft bullet toy guns that money can buy. Whether you’re a casual player or a serious competitor, these guns are sure to give you the edge you need to dominate the battlefield.

EagleStone Dinosaur

High Speed Soft Bullet Gun

EagleStone Dinosaur

Feature: Enhance eye-hand coordination with this electric scoring target and foam ball gun. Read More

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Kaufam Toy

M416 Style Soft Bullet Gun

Kaufam Toy

Feature: Have a safe and fun shooting experience with this unique soft bullet gun. Read More

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Kuovei Shooting Game

AK47 Style Soft Bullet Gun

Kuovei Shooting Game

Feature: Indoor or outdoor, kids will have a blast with this safe and non-toxic soft bullet gun. Read More

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Banvih Blaster

Realistic Soft Bullet Gun

Banvih Blaster

Feature: Engage in epic battles with friends with this soft bullet gun set. Read More

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Astroshot Zero G

Best TikTok Soft Bullet Gun

Astroshot Zero G

Feature: Have fun and excitement with this amazing soft bullet blaster that shoots up to 20ft. Read More

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FiGoal Hungry Tiger

Best Soft Bullet Gun Pistol

FiGoal Hungry Tiger

Feature: Enjoy family leisure time with this premium quality gun, and tiger target. Read More

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1. EagleStone Dinosaur – High Speed Soft Bullet Gun

EagleStone Dinosaur
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The EagleStone Dinosaur Shooting Toy is a perfect addition to your kid’s armory. It comes with an electric scoring target as well as a dinosaur shooting target, 24 foam balls, and a pump action gun. The toy is suitable for all ages and helps enhance eye-hand coordination while providing entertainment.

Components1 dinosaur shooting target, 24 foam balls, 1 air pump gun
Scoring SystemDigital LCD records score. Shooting a bubble ball into the dinosaur’s tongue earns 1 point.
Multiplayer CapabilitySuitable for groups or solo players. Carnival-style shooting game.
Pump Action GunPower popper gun with 360° butt and 33ft shooting range.
Safe Foam BallsEVA foam balls that are light, safe, and harmless.
Kid-Safe and Quality AssuredMade of high-quality ABS material, smooth and round.

Why Should You Buy This?

  • Interactive and Engaging: The EagleStone Dinosaur Shooting Toy provides an interactive and engaging experience for both kids and adults. The digital LCD records the score, and the foam balls collect inside the dinosaur’s belly, making it easy to take them out for recycling.
  • Safe and Durable: The toy is made of high-quality ABS material, which is smooth and round without burrs, making it safe for children to use. The balls are made of EVA foam, which is light, safe, and harmless.

My Experience with EagleStone Dinosaur Shooting Toy

I got to say, using the EagleStone Dinosaur Shooting Toy was an amazing experience! At first, I was a bit skeptical about this soft bullet gun, thinking it was just another generic toy with cheap plastic, but boy was I wrong.

What amazed me is the design of the dinosaur target, which was super cool and caught my attention right away. Its colorful foam balls were also a nice touch, and they were actually really soft, making them safe to shoot at people or objects.

When I first held the pump action gun, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use. The butt had a great grip and the trigger was responsive, making it easy to shoot accurately.

It also had a decent range of about 33 feet, which was great for indoor and outdoor use. The sound of the foam balls popping out of the gun was also satisfying and added to the overall feel.

I played with this toy with a group of friends, and we had a blast competing against each other to see who could score the most points.

The LCD display kept track of our scores, and it was easy to reset after each round. I also loved seeing the foam balls collect inside the belly of the dinosaur target, making it easy to clean up after the game.

However, it is not all bells and whistles. I did notice that the foam balls were not always consistent in terms of distance and trajectory. Some shots went further than others, and some had a slight curve to them, which made it challenging to hit the target at times.

But overall, it didn’t detract too much from the overall fun factor of the game.


  • An engaging and interactive toy for kids of all ages.
  • Helps enhance eye-hand coordination.
  • Safe and durable materials.
  • Digital LCD screen keeps track of the score.
  • Easy to set up and use.


  • Foam balls sometimes shoot off target.

The EagleStone Dinosaur Shooting Toy is a fun and engaging toy for all ages. It’s safe, durable, and easy to use, making it a great addition to any toy collection. While the foam balls sometimes shoot off target and get stuck in the gun, the overall experience of using the toy is enjoyable and provides hours of entertainment. 

2. Kaufam Toy – M416 Style Soft Bullet Gun

Kaufam Toy
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Kaufam Toy Gun is a soft bullet gun that comes with a moving target, foam bullets, and two-speed modes. It is designed to provide a safe and fun experience for kids and adults alike. Kaufam guns come with a unique design and are a perfect gift for kids for every occasion.

Components 2 Toy Guns, 1 Stand Moving Target, 9 Blue foam bullets, 9 Orange foam bullets, 1 Manual, 1 USB cable
Scoring SystemTarget moves left and right automatically for added fun and interactivity
Humanized ModeTwo speed modes for target movement.
SafetyFoam bullets with a 1-inch diameter and air pressure shooting.

Why Should You Buy This?

  • Provides Fun and Safe Experience – Kaufam Toy Gun comes with soft foam bullets that don’t cause any harm to the human body. The impact is very small, and it’s a safe toy for kids to play with.
  • Versatile – Kaufam Toy Gun can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can play with it in the living room, lawn, or any other suitable place. It’s perfect for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or any other occasion.

My Experience with the Kaufam Toy Gun

Kaufam Toy Gun was the perfect toy for my nephew’s birthday party. The moving target was a huge hit among the children, and they were all excited to try it out. We had a lot of fun playing with it both indoors and outdoors. 

With this gun in my hand, I was feeling like a straight-up gangsta, ready to take on anyone who dared to challenge me. The foam bullets were super easy to load into the gun, and the moving target made it even more fun to play with.

I invited some of my friends over to play with me, and it was like a squad of soldiers taking on the enemy.

We were ducking and changing positions, trying to shoot the target while it was moving left and right. It was a real adrenaline rush, and we were all hyped up and yelling at each other like we were in a war zone.

One of the things I really loved about the Kaufam Toy Gun was that it was super safe to play with. The foam bullets were soft and didn’t hurt when they hit you, even if you got hit in the face.

And since the bullets were made of foam, they didn’t cause any damage to my furniture or walls either. So, we could really let loose and have some wild fun without worrying about causing any harm.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows with this gun. One thing I didn’t like was that it didn’t come with enough foam bullets.

We had to keep stopping the game to pick up the bullets and reload the gun. And since we were having so much fun, we went through all the bullets pretty quickly. So, it would have been better if they included more foam bullets in the package.


  • Provides a safe and fun experience for kids.
  • Interactive shooting game with a moving target
  • Two speed modes for customization


  • Foam bullets tend to get squished easily.

Kaufam Soft Bullen Gun is a great toy for children, providing a fun and interactive experience while also being safe and easy to use. The moving target feature adds an exciting element to the game, and the foam bullets are harmless.

Despite the slight issue with the quality of the foam bullets, this gun is still a worthwhile purchase for parents looking for a toy that encourages bonding and hand-eye coordination skills.

3. Kuovei Shooting Game – AK47 Style Soft Bullet Gun

Kuovei Shooting Game
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Kuovei Shooting Game is a soft bullet gun designed for kids aged 4-10+. It comes with two types of ammo, 18 soft bullets, 24 soft foam balls, and a standing shooting target. The gun is made of safe and non-toxic materials, making it perfect for kids to use indoors or outdoors.

Gun TypeAir-powered gun blasters, Pump-action guns that require no batteries
CapacityHolds 12 foam balls and has a switch head for bullets
StyleTwo different styles are available
PackageIncludes 2 guns, 18 bullets, 24 foam balls, and 1 shooting target

Why Should You Buy This?

  • Indoor/Outdoor Fun: Kuovei Shooting Game is an ideal toy for both indoor and outdoor playtime. It provides hours of entertainment for kids, and it’s an excellent way to keep them active and engaged. Whether you’re playing in the backyard or living room, this soft bullet gun is perfect for target practice and more challenges.
  • Quick Reload: The gun comes with a pump-action mechanism that allows for quick and easy reloading. I really loved this feature since it was handy during intense shooting battles when I had to reload my gun quickly to keep up the pace of the game.

My Experience with Kuovei Shooting Game

As soon as I saw this gun online, I knew I had to get it. It looked like the perfect toy for my little brother’s birthday, but I couldn’t resist trying it out myself first.

Assembling the gun and target was a breeze. It only took me a couple of minutes to set everything up, and I was ready to go. The gun itself is lightweight and easy to handle. Its pump performance is smooth and doesn’t require any batteries, which is a huge plus.

When I fired my first shot, I was pleasantly surprised at how powerful it was. The foam balls flew out of the gun with some speed, and I felt like a real sharpshooter.

The standing shooting target provided hours of entertainment, and the different scoring pockets made it challenging to aim and hit the high-point targets. I even used the gun to shoot at some cans and bottles, which added another level of fun to the game.

The gun was surprisingly accurate and could shoot the foam balls a decent distance, making target practice fun and challenging.

It was like playing a mini version of laser tag but with foam bullets instead of lasers. The colored foam balls and bullets were safe and non-toxic, which gave me peace of mind while playing with my friends and family.


  • Safe and non-toxic materials.
  • Features a powerful pump.
  • Doesn’t require any batteries to operate.
  • Improves hand-eye coordination and shooting skills.
  • Comes in two different soft bullet ammunitions.


  • Feels like a cheap plastic quality. 

Overall, Kuovei Shooting Game is a fantastic toy for kids and adults. It’s safe, easy to use, and provides hours of entertainment. It’s also an excellent way to improve hand-eye coordination and shooting skills.

4. Banvih Blaster – Realistic Soft Bullet Gun

Banvih Blaster
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If you are ready for an epic adventure, look no further than the Banvih Blaster! Designed for kids aged 4 and up, this soft bullet gun set is perfect for those who love to engage in thrilling battles with their friends.

Contents2 blaster guns, 60 extra soft foam bullets, and 2 wristbands.
Durability and SafetyMade of environmentally friendly ABS plastic, safe for kids.
LightweightEasy for 5-year-old kids to reload the darts, pull back, and shoot.
CompatibilityUniversal refill bullets size suitable for any brand N-strike Elite Series Blasters and others

Why Should You Buy This?

  • Abundant Accessories: It comes with two blaster guns, 60 extra soft foam bullets, and two wristbands to store the bullets, making it the most abundant combination in the current market for kids to start fun gun games with friends excitedly.
  • Safe for Kids: Banvih Blaster Gun is made of environmental-friendly ABS plastic that is safe for kids. The foam bullets are soft and won’t cause harm to children or damage to property.

My Experience with the Banvih Blaster Gun

I felt like a true action hero as I wielded the Banvih Blaster Gun in my hands. The guns were easy to reload, and the foam bullets were soft, making it safe for me and my friends to play without any worries.

The first thing that caught my eye was the quality of the plastic, which was durable and sturdy. The two wristbands provided ample space to store all the bullets, and it made it easy for me to load my gun on the go.

To be honest, I felt like I was part of an elite squad when I started using the Banvih Blaster Gun.

What I really loved was that the gun wasn’t too loud. Instead, the sound of the bullets whizzing past me was an adrenaline rush and an experience I hadn’t felt with other guns I tested.

However, I did encounter a small issue with these guns during my experience. The trigger on one of the guns was a little stiff, which made it harder to shoot. But this was a minor issue, and it didn’t stop me from having a great time with the Banvih Blaster Gun set.


  • Durable guns made from environmentally friendly ABS plastic.
  • Safe foam bullets are suitable for kids to use.
  • Comes with ample bullets and wristbands.
  • Perfect for team play and improving shooting skills in a safe environment.


  • The trigger on one of the guns can be a bit stiff, which makes it harder to shoot.

Overall, my experience with the Banvih Blaster Gun set was fantastic. The guns were easy to handle, and the foam bullets were safe for kids. The wristbands were a great addition, and the set offered an abundant combination of accessories. I would highly recommend this set to anyone looking for a fun and safe soft bullet gun set for kids.

5. Astroshot Zero G – Best TikTok Soft Bullet Gun

Astroshot Zero G
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The Astroshot Zero G is a fun and exciting toy that provides hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike. With a shooting range of up to 20ft, this gun is perfect for indoor use, providing a safe and enjoyable experience.

CompatibilityCompatible with Nerf guns, targets, and accessories
Soft Foam Darts12 darts are included in the set, as well as 1 dart clip
Hovering Ball Targets10 targets included in the set
Shooting RangeUp to 20ft
Battery Requirement4 C batteries (not included)

Why Should You Buy This?

  • Compatible with other Nerf guns: This gun is not only compatible with the included targets and accessories, but it also works with other Nerf guns and accessories. This allows for endless possibilities and customizability in your target practice games.
  • Skill Development: Playing with the Astroshot Zero-G can help improve your child’s hand-eye coordination, aim, and strategic thinking. Shooting at the floating ball targets requires focus and precision, which can help your child develop important skills while having fun.

My Experience with Astroshot Zero G

Let’s talk about the real thing – my experience with the Astroshot Zero G. This thing was straight-up lit!

The gun was light and easy to hold, and the targets looked dope floating in mid-air. I couldn’t wait to start blasting those foam darts and knocking those targets down like a pro!

I loaded up the foam darts in the clip and started popping them off like nobody’s business. It was like I was in an action movie, shooting down enemies left and right. The targets were easy to hit, but it still took some skill to get them all down in one go.

But let me tell you, this thing isn’t just for kids. I had a blast playing with it with my adult friends too. We had some epic battles, taking down targets within a certain time.

I do have to say, though, that the gun wasn’t always perfect. Sometimes the foam darts didn’t fly as far as I wanted them to, or they didn’t hit the targets as hard as I thought they would. But those were just minor setbacks in an otherwise awesome experience.


  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Compatible with Nerf guns and accessories.
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination and focus.
  • Galatic soundtrack enhances the overall game experience.


  • Requires four C batteries (not included)

Overall, the Astroshot Zero G is a fun and entertaining toy that’s perfect for kids and adults alike. With its easy assembly and durable construction, it provides hours of entertainment for solo play or with friends and family.

6. FiGoal Hungry Tiger – Best Soft Bullet Gun Pistol

FiGoal Hungry Tiger
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FiGoal Hungry Tiger Soft Bullet Gun is a fun shooting game kit that includes an air pump gun, EVA foam balls, and a tiger target with a digital LCD scoreboard. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is perfect for family leisure time and children to interact.

TypeAir pump gun
MaterialABS environmentally friendly materials
Shooting Range33 feet
Shooting MethodManually continuous shooting without the use of batteries
SafetySafe and powerful air pump gun, will not hurt or break anything.

Why Should You Buy This?

  • Competitive Fun: It is a great way to spend quality time with family and friends while also having some competitive fun. The digital LCD scoreboard adds to the excitement of the game, and the range of 33 feet provides a good challenge for players.
  • Safe and Durable: The EVA foam balls are made of soft and non-toxic materials, making them safe for kids to play with. Additionally, the air pump gun is made of durable and environmentally friendly materials, making it a long-lasting toy that can withstand heavy usage.

My Experience with FiGoal Hungry Tiger

When I first saw the FiGoal Hungry Tiger, I was like “Ah, this looks lit!” I mean, who wouldn’t want to shoot foam balls at a tiger target and get that satisfying pop sound? So, I grabbed the gun, loaded it up with the EVA foam balls, and was ready to blast.

I was hitting those foam balls from like 33 feet away, and the accuracy was on point. I felt like a pro shooter! The air pump gun was super easy to use, and it was I really loved that I didn’t need batteries or anything to make it work.

Besides, the tiger target with the digital LCD scoreboard was a nice addition.

However, being honest, I must say that the spring mechanism in the gun didn’t work as well as I had hoped. Sometimes, it would get stuck or not shoot the balls out with enough force, which was a bit frustrating.

Similarly, the quality of the gun wasn’t what I experienced with models such as EagleStone Dinosaur.

But these downsides were relatively minor and didn’t significantly impact my enjoyment of the product. Plus, given the affordable price point, it’s not unexpected that there may be some compromises on quality.


  • Safe and non-toxic materials are used for the EVA foam balls.
  • Durable and eco-friendly materials are used for the air pump gun.
  • Range of 33 feet provides a good challenge for players.
  • Continuous shooting feature without the need for batteries.


  • EVA foam balls sometimes don’t shoot straight.

Overall, I would highly recommend the FiGoal Hungry Tiger Soft Bullet Gun to anyone looking for a fun and competitive shooting game. It is a safe and durable toy that can provide hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike.


Well, folks, there you have it! My top picks for the best soft bullet guns on the market. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie just getting into the game, these bad boys are sure to deliver.

From futuristic designs to classic designs, there’s something for everyone.

But before I go, let me leave you with a word of caution: always practice safety when handling any kind of gun, even if it’s just a soft bullet gun. Keep your fingers off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot, and always wear eye protection.

Trust me, a foam dart to the eye is no laughing matter!

And above all, have a blast and enjoy the ride. After all, that’s what it’s all about, right?

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