Orbeez Foot Spa –Benefits of Using

Soothe Your Feet with an Orbeez Foot Spa – Is it Worth it?

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As a parent, I know how important it is to find safe and enjoyable activities that captivate our children’s imaginations while providing them with moments of pure bliss. That’s why I couldn’t wait to introduce my little ones to the wonders of the Orbeez Foot Spa.

When I first heard about this ingenious creation, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. The idea of immersing tiny, squishy orbs in a foot spa to create a magical sensory experience seemed like the perfect blend of relaxation and fun. So, with eager anticipation, I set out to explore the world of Orbeez and discover the wonders that awaited us.

As soon as we unpacked the Orbeez Foot Spa, my kids were hooked. If you are excited about this little toy and want it for your kids, here is my review of its functionality and performance.

Introducing the Orbeez Foot Spa

Orbeez Soothing Foot Massager Spa

Orbeez Soothing Foot Massager Spa

  • Perfect toy for kids and teens.
  • Completely non-toxic and safe for use.
  • Delivers a great sensory experience.
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The Orbeez Foot Spa is a delightful and unique product that combines the benefits of hydrotherapy and massage. It features a basin that is filled with thousands of colorful and squishy Orbeez beads. These soft beads create a gentle cushioning effect as you place your feet in the spa, offering a luxurious and relaxing sensation.

Our Experience with Orbeez Foot Spa

I gave my kid this sensory Orbeez foot spa on Christmas and he was excited to try it out.

The Orbeez Foot Spa came with everything he needed to pamper his feet and have a relaxing time. It included 2,000 soft and squishy Orbeez seeds to grow, nail polish, toe separators, and to my surprise, an additional tube of 400 grown Orbeez as a bonus!

When he finally settled down after growing the Orbeez, my kiddo felt an immediate sense of relaxation. As the Orbeez cascaded over his feet, it was like a gentle massage, soothing and comforting. The sensation was incredible!

And guess what? I also helped him add essential jasmine oil to enhance the cozy experience.

Speaking of the Orbeez themselves, they were vibrant and colorful. It was mesmerizing to see them grow from tiny seeds into juicy, plump balls of joy. The added bonus of the 400 grown Orbeez allowed us to have even more fun with them.

One of the best things about the Orbeez Foot Spa is that it’s suitable for kids aged 5 and up. As a parent, you can rest assured knowing that the Orbeez are non-toxic and have been safety tested to meet international toy safety regulations.

So go ahead, and treat yourself or your little ones to the wonders of the Orbeez Foot Spa – you won’t be disappointed!

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Orbeez Foot Spa Instructions

Whether you’ve had a long day at work, a strenuous workout, or simply want to treat yourself to some self-care, the Orbeez Foot Spa is here to provide you with the ultimate foot therapy. Besides, using the Orbeez Soothing Spa is simple and enjoyable.

Follow these steps to create your own at-home spa day:

  • Grow the Orbeez: Start by growing the 2,000 Orbeez seeds provided in the kit. Simply place them in water and watch as they expand into soft and squishy beads. This process usually takes a few hours, so plan accordingly.
  • Prepare the Spa: Once the Orbeez have fully grown, fill the spa basin with some warm water. You can also add essential oil to make it more rejuvenating.
  • Activate the Spa: Switch on the Orbeez Soothing Spa and let the magic begin. Feel the gentle massage of the Orbeez as they cascade over your feet, relieving stress, and tension.
  • Relax and Enjoy: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ultimate spa experience. Let the soft and squishy Orbeez envelop your feet, providing a delightful massage that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Pamper Your Feet: After indulging in the soothing spa experience, you can use the included nail polish and toe separators to give yourself a pretty pedicure.

By following these simple instructions, you can create a soothing and invigorating experience that will leave your feet feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The Orbeez beads provide a gentle massage and the warm water helps to relax tense muscles, making it perfect for relieving stress and promoting the overall well-being of your kids.

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Why You Shouldn’t be Buying it?

While the Orbeez Soothing Spa offers a luxurious and relaxing experience for your feet, there are a few reasons why it may not be the right choice for everyone.

If you’re someone who doesn’t frequently indulge in foot spa treatments or pampering sessions, the Orbeez Soothing Spa may not be a practical investment. It requires time and effort to grow the Orbeez beads and set up the spa, and if you’re unlikely to use it regularly, it may end up gathering dust.

Also, there are various negative reviews about the product because it has a slow motor and you can’t adjust the speed to your liking.

Orbeez Soothing Foot Spa Tutorial How to make Orbeez Foot Spa DIY


Can I add Essential Oils to the Orbeez Foot Spa?

Yes, you can add essential oils to enhance your Orbeez Foot Spa experience. Simply add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to a foot spa basin. This will create a soothing and aromatic environment, adding an extra touch of relaxation to your foot spa session.

Is Orbeez Foot Spa Meant for Children?

The Orbeez Foot Spa is designed to provide relaxation and foot care for individuals of all ages. While it can be a delightful experience for children, it is important to note that adults can also benefit from its soothing effects. So, whether you’re a child or an adult looking to unwind, the Orbeez Foot Spa can cater to your needs.

Can you Put Orbeez in a Regular Foot Spa?

Yes, you can put Orbeez in a regular foot spa. Orbeez are small, colorful water-absorbing beads that can expand when soaked in water. Adding them to a foot spa can create a soothing and massaging experience.

Can the Orbeez Beads be Reused after a Spa?

Yes, the Orbeez beads can be reused after a spa session. After you have enjoyed your soothing foot spa experience, you can carefully collect and rinse Orbeez beads for future use.

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Can You Put Water in an Orbeez Foot Spa?

Yes, you can put water in an Orbeez foot spa. However, make sure that it does not cover more than 20% of the basin.


The Orbeez Foot Spa provides a delightful and rejuvenating experience for both young and old alike. Its innovative design and soothing properties make it a wonderful addition to any self-care routine.

The mesmerizing sight of colorful Orbeez cascading around your feet, coupled with the gentle massage and the therapeutic benefits they offer, creates a truly relaxing and indulgent experience.

Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day, pamper yourself, or bond with loved ones, the Orbeez Foot Spa offers a unique and memorable way to soothe your tired feet.