How Big Can Orbeez Get and Do They Even Stop?

Find Out How Big Orbeez Can Get and Do they Even Stop?

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As a kid, I was always fascinated by Orbeez. From the way they grew when I put them in water, to the countless hours of play, I used to love them. But there was this thought in my mind, how big can Orbeez get, and is there a maximum size for them?

To check it out and solve my curiosity I placed a single Orbeez in the water overnight and left it there. The next day, Orbeez grew to nearly 10 mm in diameter, however, I wasn’t convinced and thought that it can grow giant than it normally was.

To test it out I placed the Orbeez in the water again throughout the day and came back in the evening to give it a look. But well, it hadn’t grown much and even though there was a minimal increase in its size, it was clearly below my expectations.

By that time I concluded that Orbeez is now at its maximum size, which was 14mm.

How Big Can Orbeez Get?

The maximum size an Orbeez can reach is largely determined by the size of its container, however, they can hardly grow more than 14mm in diameter, which is similar to a size marble.

As per my experience here is the size you can expect after placing Orbeez in water.

Time (Hours)Size (mm)
Orbeez/Water Beads Growing Chart
Note: These values are estimates and may vary depending on the type and size of Orbeez being used, as well as the temperature and other conditions of the water.

Orbeez are small beads made of a hydrogel material that absorb water and expand in size. The rate at which they expand may also depend on ambient humidity and other factors.

While the size of an Orbeez is a fascinating phenomenon, it is important to remember that the beads may also become moldy if left without proper care.

How to Make Orbeez Grow Bigger than Normal?

Orbeez are a fun, colorful addition to any home or party. However, sometimes Orbeez might not grow as large as you would like.

To ensure that your Orbeez are the size you desire, there are several simple steps you can take.

1. Use a Larger Container.

Use a Large Container to Make Orbeez Grow Bigger than Normal.

When it comes to growing Orbeez, especially in hot water, the size of the container you use matters. Growing Orbeez in a larger container can give you maximum growth potential and a bigger yield. It was only recently that I decided to invest in a larger container and I’m so glad I did. 

Now, I’m no scientist and I’m still learning the ins and outs of growing Orbeez, but I understand the basics. Orbeez needs water, warmth, and light to expand and grow. And this means that the larger the container, the bigger the Orbeez will get.

I’ve also noticed that in a larger container, the Orbeez stay hydrated for longer, making them easier to store. Plus, larger containers give you more room to grow and more opportunities to create bigger and better shapes.

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2. Give Orbeez Sunlight.

Give Orbeez Sunlight to Make Orbeez Grow Bigger than Normal.

Sunlight is essential for optimal Orbeez growth. Direct sunlight is best, but indirect light from a window will also work.

Orbeez naturally absorbs the sun’s rays and uses the energy to grow and thrive. When grown indoors, a windowsill is an ideal spot for your Orbeez.

If you want to make sure your Orbeez get the right amount of sunlight, you can place them in a spot where the sun will shine directly on them. You can also rotate the bowl every few hours so that all the Orbeez get the same amount of sunlight. 

Depending on how much sunlight they get, it could take anywhere from six to eight hours for them to reach their full size. 

3. Add More Water and Keep them Hydrated.

Add More Water and Keep them Hydrated to Make Orbeez Grow Bigger than Normal.

Water is a critical part of growing Orbeez bigger than normal. If you want to get the most out of your Orbeez and have them reach their maximum potential size, it is important to add more water.

Also, always make sure the water level is high enough to cover the Orbeez completely so that all of them get the same amount of water.

After the Orbeez are completely submerged, let the container sit for a few hours to allow the Orbeez to absorb the water.

4. Add a Pinch of Salt to the Water.

Add a Pinch of Salt to the Water to Make Orbeez Grow Bigger than Normal.

In addition to tap water, a pinch of table salt added to the mix will provide more nutrients for the Orbeez as they soak up the liquid and expand.

Not only will this expedite their growth, but it also helps keep them plump and hydrated.

The amount of salt needed depends on how big you would like your Orbeez to be – usually one teaspoon should do!

5. Use Warm Water

Using lukewarm water (neither too hot nor too cold) is crucial for accelerating and maximizing the growth of Orbeez.

Using of warm water expedites the chemical process, facilitating the rapid spread and absorption of water by the polymer material.
But be careful, guys, to avoid using hot water, as it has the potential to melt the Orbeez and alter their shape. Opting for warm water ensures a faster growth process.

So my TIPS: the use of warm water is essential for optimal growth as it expedites the reaction, resulting in larger orbs.
Extreme temperatures, whether too hot or too cold, can impede growth. Therefore, warm water is considered the most effective choice.

Let me to show you the result of growing Orbeez in the warm water:

Do Orbeez Ever Stop Growing?

I remember the day my friend brought a pack of orbeez for the kiddie pool. The kids were so excited to see how big we could make them grow. We experimented with different methods and watched as the orbeez grew to the maximum size.

However, the bigger they got, the more we wondered, do orbeez ever stop growing?

Well, I did a small experiment and found out that orbeez grows to a maximum size of approximately 14mm in diameter. Beyond this size, they will not continue to grow.

This means that no matter how much water you add, even if you soak the orbeez for an extended amount of time, the orbeez will not outgrow 14mm inches in diameter.

The maximum size of Orbeez is only limited by the amount of water they can absorb and is not determined by the amount of time they are soaked in water.

So, if you’re hoping to get a big orbeez, you’re out of luck. However, with the right amount of water, you can make sure your orbeez are always as big as possible.

I recommend that you soak your orbeez for 24 hours to get the biggest Orbeez possible.

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GIANT Orbeez

GIANT orbeez – Timelapse Video


So now you know how big can Orbeez get! I hope my article will help you find the best way to grow Orbeez, I wish you inspiration and good luck!

Orbeez, an intriguing and distinctive material, captivates with its impressive water-absorbing capabilities and size expansion potential.

Whether you are interested in unraveling their growth capabilities or simply indulging in playful amusement, Orbeez ensures a thrilling and captivating experience.


How Big are Orbeez in mm?

Orbeez are tiny beads that are primarily used for sensory play and crafting projects. When filled with water, they swell to 14 mm in diameter, making them a great choice for sensory activities. While some may think that 14 mm is too small to be of any use, they can be used to create unique crafts and designs.

How Much Time does it take for Orbeez to Grow to its Full Size?

Generally, it takes 14-16 hours for Orbeez to reach their full size. The amount of time may vary depending on the amount and temperature of the water used. It is important to keep the water at room temperature and to avoid over-saturating the Orbeez with water. When used correctly, Orbeez can provide hours of fun for both adults and children.