How Long Does It Take For Orbeez To Grow?

How Long Does It Take For Orbeez To Grow?

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Orbeez or otherwise known as Splatter Balls are those tiny, colorful beads that you add water to and watch as they expand into jumbo-sized giant balls.

They’re a popular sensory toy for kids and adults alike, and they can provide hours of entertainment as you watch them grow and play with them.

But if you’re new to Orbeez, you might be curious about how long does it take for Orbeez to grow and is there anything you can do to speed up the process. 

Well, it takes anywhere from 6 to 10 Hours for Orbeez to reach their maximum size. The smaller beads tend to be faster while larger ones may take longer. However, some types of Orbeez may even take up to 16 hours before they reach their full size.

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Here is an estimated time as to how long it takes for Orbeez and Splatter Balls to grow in different environments.

Water TypeTime (Hours)
Salt Water3-4
Warm Water4-5
Cold Water6-10
Orbeez/Water Beads Chart to Grow in Different Environments.

Note: These times are estimates and may vary depending on the specific conditions and the age of the Orbeez beads.

Basics of Orbeez Growth

Basics of Orbeez Growth.

Orbeez are small, round beads made of water-absorbing polymer that grow when hydrated. They are often sold in small packets and are used as sensory toys for children and adults. Orbeez can be found in a variety of colors, including clear, blue, green, pink, purple, and red.

The process of orbeez expansion is quite simple. To start, you will need a container, such as a bowl or a jar, and some orbeez beads. Next, add water to the container and then add the orbeez beads.

As the beads absorb the water, they will start to grow and expand. The amount of water and the number of orbeez beads you use will determine the final size of your orbeez balls.

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Factors that Can Affect Orbeez Growth

Orbeez are small beads that change size when they are exposed to water, and they can be used in various fun activities.

While Orbeez are an entertaining and educational tool, it is important to understand the factors that can affect their growth.

1. Temperature of Water.

Temperature of Water is a Factor that can Affect Orbeez Growth.

The temperature of the water can have a significant impact on the rate of orbeez growth. Warmer water will typically cause the orbeez to expand more quickly, while colder water may slow down the expansion process.

This is because the warmer water speeds up the chemical reactions that occur within the orbeez beads, allowing them to absorb more water and grow faster.

On the other hand, colder water may slow down these reactions, resulting in slower orbeez expansion.

To optimize the growth of your orbeez, it is best to use water that is around room temperature or slightly warmer.

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2. Humidity.

Humidity is a Factor that can Affect Orbeez Growth.

The humidity of the air can also affect orbeez growth. In high humidity conditions, the orbeez may absorb more moisture from the air, leading to faster expansion.

On the other hand, low humidity may cause the orbeez to grow more slowly. In dry conditions, there is less moisture available in the air, and the orbeez may have a harder time absorbing it.

To optimize orbeez growth, it is best to grow them in an environment with humidity levels around moderate levels such as around 50-60%.

3. Type of Water.

Type of Water is a Factor that can Affect Orbeez Growth.

The type of water used to hydrate the orbeez can also play a role in their growth.

Hard water, which has a high mineral content, may cause the orbeez to grow more slowly. The minerals in the water can interfere with the chemical reactions that occur within the orbeez beads, slowing down the absorption of water.

On the other hand, soft water, which has a lower mineral content, may allow the orbeez to grow faster. Soft water is less likely to interfere with the chemical reactions within the orbeez, allowing them to absorb more water and grow faster.

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4. Amount of Water.

Amount of Water is a Factor that can Affect Orbeez Growth.

The amount of water used to hydrate the orbeez can also affect their growth. Using more water will typically result in larger orbeez balls while using less water will produce smaller orbeez.

This is because the orbeez beads will absorb as much water as they can, and the final size of the orbeez will depend on the amount of water available.

If you want to create large orbeez balls, be sure to use plenty of water.

5. Age of the Orbeez.

Age of the Orbeez is a Factor that can Affect Orbeez Growth.

The age of the orbeez beads can also influence their expansion. Orbeez that are fresher and have not been stored for an extended period of time may grow more quickly than older orbeez that have been sitting around for a while.

The main reason for this is that the orbeez beads may start to lose their water-absorbing ability over time, especially if they have been exposed to heat or light. To ensure that your orbeez grows to their full potential, it is best to use fresh beads.

Overall, the growth of Orbeez can be heavily impacted by factors such as temperature, water quality, as well as the presence of sunlight.

Because of these reasons, it is important to remember that not all environments are suitable for Orbeez growth, so it is essential to take the right measures to ensure optimal conditions. 

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Water balls in hot,cold and normal water which will grow faster?


How does the Size of Orbeez Change Over Time?

The size of Orbeez can change significantly over time. When left in water, Orbeez will absorb the liquid and increase in size.

The amount of time it takes for Orbeez to reach their maximum size can vary depending on the initial size of the beads, the amount of water they are left in, and other factors such as temperature and pH.

Is there a Correlation Between the Size of Orbeez and the Length of Time they have been Left to Grow?

There may be a correlation between the size of Orbeez and the length of time they have been left to grow, as the beads will continue to absorb water and increase in size as long as they are submerged.

However, other factors such as the initial size of the beads and the amount of water they are left in can also affect their ultimate size.

Can the Growth Rate of Orbeez be Influenced by Temperature or pH?

The rate of Orbeez growth may be influenced by factors such as temperature and pH. Higher temperatures may lead to faster expansion, while lower pH levels may slow the growth rate.

However, further research would be needed to confirm these potential relationships.

Is it Possible to Reuse Orbeez?

Orbeez can typically be reused after they have reached their maximum size by drying them out and then rehydrating them in water.

However, it is important to note that the beads may not return to their original size and shape after being dried out and rehydrated, and they may eventually need to be replaced.


The speed of Orbeez’s growth is usually 3 hours but it also depends on the ambient temperature and other environmental conditions. As long as the right environment is provided, a full-sized Orbeez can be achieved within 4 hours. 

Additionally, a warmer temperature will help increase the growth speed. While it may take up to 4 hours for them to fully expand, they should still be quite large after only one and a half an hour.