Orbeez Growth Experiment: Fun and Easy

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Today you will be able to dive into my Orbeez Growth Experiment. This topic is always interesting for those who are already familiar with Orbeez or are just starting to explore it. Why is it easy? Because we can do experiments at home and at the same time enjoy a fun time. Kids should be thrilled to see how a regular Orbeez ball can change just by interacting with water!

So I was interested what will be leave the Orbeez to soak in water for longer than the recommended time? I made research and almost all sources say that the recommended soaking time is usually around 6-8 hours. I would like to leave the Orbeez in the water for much longer and see the result! And of course to share it with you, my dear readers!

I took soaking duration for Orbeez water beads:

  • 6-8 hours
  • 10 hours
  • 15 hours
  • 24 hours
  • 48 hours

Orbeez Growth Experiment


I gather the necessary materials, including Orbeez, containers for soaking, a measuring tape, and a timer.

Soaking Procedure

I follow the standard instructions for soaking Orbeez, using room temperature water. Yes, there is an opinion that, for example, in hot water, Orbeez grows faster, and this is true. But in my experiment, I want to take water of ordinary temperature and have indicators of exactly this type. I soak multiple batches for different durations: 6-8 hours, 10 hours, 15 hours, 24 hours, and 48 hours.

I wanted to get the result as soon as possible! But this is real life and I can’t speed up time. So I had to wait patiently for these hours. Of course, I watched how Orbeez was doing in the containers and saw that it significantly increased in size. It’s incredible how water affects Orbeez! It’s not Hogwarts magic, of course, but I felt like a wizard at that moment. It’s always interesting to see it with your own eyes.

By the way I stirring the Orbeez occasionally while they soak, it helps ensure that they absorb water evenly and expand uniformly. I will see if it can promote larger Orbeez.


After each soaking duration, I carefully removed the Orbeez from the water and measure their sizes using a measuring tape. I needed to measure the diameter of each Orbeez to determine its size.

Data Collection

I recorded the measurements for each batch of Orbeez at each time interval. This data allow me to analyze the growth rate of the Orbeez over time.

For convenience, I have created a graph with the soaking duration (in hours) and the estimated size of Orbeez (in millimeters)

I want to note that actual results may vary slightly depending on factors such as Orbeez brand, water temperature, and other environmental conditions.

Here are the estimated sizes of Orbeez after soaking for various durations:

  • 6-8 hours: Approximately 10-12 mm in diameter
  • 10 hours: Approximately 12-14 mm in diameter
  • 15 hours: Approximately 14-16 mm in diameter
  • 24 hours: Approximately 16-18 mm in diameter
  • 48 hours: Approximately 18-20 mm in diameter

Life Hacks to Help Grow Big Orbeez

  • Use Warm Water: Warm water can accelerate the growth process of Orbeez. A temperature between 105°F and 115°F will be for faster growing.
  • Add Salt: Adding a small amount of salt to the water can help Orbeez grow larger. How it works? The salt helps to increase the osmotic pressure, allowing more water to enter the Orbeez and promote their expansion.
  • Soak Orbeez Water Beads Longer: That’s what i did in my experiment
  • Use Distilled Water: Distilled water can provide optimal conditions for Orbeez growth.
  • Use a Larger Container: Giving Orbeez more space to groooow
  • Cover the Container: It can help retain heat and moisture, creating optimal conditions for growth. You can use a lid or plastic wrap. I did not cover the container this time, but next time I will do this to compare the results of experiments!

Using these life hacks in the process, you can help grow bigger and more fully expanded Orbeez for your projects and activities! I hope my Orbeez Growth Time Experimentation will inspire you.

Do you have any ideas for further research? Leave comments and your questions and I will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.